What is sand blasting?

What is sandblastingSandblasting also referred as abrasive blasting, bead blasting or shot blasting.

This is a procedure through which the residueof rust and other contaminantsparticles from any target surface can be cleansed or removed by shooting abrasive materials rapidly under high pressure. Sandblasting is considered widely accepted efficient procedure of debarring rust and corrosion from an object. Better known for wiping out the target surfaces for better finishing outlook, it helps companies, control their expenditures by recycling the objects.

Commonly used objects made from Fiberglass material such as bath tubs,boats, turbines etc. when these are broken or get damaged from any part or surface are usually sand blasted by the companies so asto recycle the objects. As the name implies sand remains the most commonly utilized sandblasting abrasive material, other optional choices for the users couldbe glass beads, graphite, Rice husk, baking soda, thermoset plastic, walnut shells, grain hulls, water, steam, dry ice and steel grit etc.

Sand Blasting methods

Below are the details of few methods of sand blasting which are eco-friendly.

  • Rice Husk sand blasting method

This is an environment friendly method of sand blasting and involves the usage of a natural organic abrasive, RiceHusk. Rice husk sandblasting comprises of rice husk, or the outermost layer of rice, tosand blast surfaces. The abrasive material is forcefully blasted to remove grease, grime and surface rust from fiberglass.

  • Thermoset Plastic

Thermoset plastic is another option used to sandblast fiberglass. In this method of sand blasting, tiny beads of soft plastic — urea, melamine or acrylic — at high volume and low pressure blasted to get rid of the rough surfaceof particles, primer, paint and filler.

Thermoset plastic sandblasting is quite cheaper as compared to other methods of sandblasting and works faster too, however; has not yet reported to work well to remove rustparticles from fiberglass surfaces.

  • Soda blasting

Sodium Bicarbonate or commonly known as baking soda is another choice of users aiming to sand blast the fiberglass.Application of Baking soda sand blasting results in an intense cleaning action since it is non-toxic and water-soluble compound.Dry or wet soda under pressure is blasted to remove surface residue when there is Soda Blasting.

  • Corn Cob Grit

Another environment friendly sand blasting method is using Corn cob grit. It imposes no threats to environment or health and is a good renewableoption. Corn cob grit is effective in removing remains of dirt, grease, paint and rust from fiberglass surfaces and provides the users with a wide range of availability.

  • Walnut Shells

Walnut shells are also good choice for sand blasting operation .These are nontoxic ,renewable , and good option for removing dirt or broken surfaces from fiberglass automotive parts, bath tubs ,turbines and boat surfaces.

Walnut shells are soft, abrasive sandblasting media that wipe out fiberglass surfaces without imposing any threat to surface. Walnut shells are utilized in the operations of fiberglass finishing, debarring and deflating and act as a recyclable and pro-environment al sand blasting method.

Health hazards resulting from Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is an act of cleansing or etching the surface of materials rapidly. As sand acts as one of the propelling agent so it is termed as sand blasting.

In this method dust gets inhaled into the lungs which give rise to a lung disease called silicosis. In Sandblasting, steamed air under highpressure is used to hit a series of abrasive particles onto a surface, mainly silica sand. People involved In Sand Blasting are always under threat of Silicosis. This is very serious and incurable disease. The root cause of Silicosisis mainly the long term inhalation of the dust created by sand.It normally breaks up into fine particles and becomes a part of air gradually inhaled. Since these silica particles cannot be seen people are often unaware of such health hazard.Silica is a compound which results through the combination of silicon and oxygen. When Silica particles gets mixed into the air and inhaled by people, it stops their lungs from breathing oxygen from the blood. Learn how to prevent silicosis during sandblasting here.

Due to this threatening impact onhealth, users are now opting for otherchoices such as steel grit, copper slag, walnut shells, powdered abrasives, even bits of coconut shell. In the process, sandblasting is also checked and monitored by, using an alternate air supply, protective coat, and sufficient ventilation.The use of crystalline silica for sandblast cleaning operations was already banned in England in 1950 which was later on followed by the other European countries.


How to protect yourself from Silicosis in Sandblasting

These are few precautionary measures to prevent from Silicosis.

  • Prevention is better than cure, they say so prevent you from inhaling the dust comprising silica during sand blasting.
  • Ask the sand blasting companies to provide adequate respiratory protection such as a type CE Abrasive Blasting Respirator during such sand blasting campaign to the whole unit of laborers.Equipment regarding respiratory protection should be provided on the spot to the people involved in sand blasting.
  • There should be an efficient dust control system in industries tocontrol dust containing free crystalline silica
  • Look for alternativeabrasives. Try to opt for materials other than sand such as Specular Hematite, Blasting Cullet, slag, or steel grit etc. Minimize the chances of getting trapped into silicosis.
  • Pour some water to wet the material surfaces before starting the work. Water avoids crystalline Silica in dusts getting mixed into air which in turns get inhaled by the people working there.
  • Avoid eating habits near the sand blasting location or site .Eating, drinking, or smoking near sandblasting operations greatly increases the chances of crystalline Silica inhalation.
  • Wash your face and hands before eating. Always take bath after work.
  • Keep a separate wardrobe for working in such areas. Do not allow others to come in contact with your clothes.
  • Have a regular medical checkup of yourself.
  • Create awareness among other workers to follow the precautionary guidelines because awareness is in our hands .The more we create awareness, the less we create chances of silicosis.
Portable Sandbalster

Cheap portable Sandblaster Machines

Portable SandbalsterSandblasting can be carried out if you must get a surface area thoroughly clean by means of propelling fast moving steady flow of stone dust onto the area propelled by means of pressurized air. Stuff used in sandblasting is granular rough substance that departs the nozzle with high pace and strikes the area in cleanup method. In this manner undesirable dirt on the surface is scraped away.

The correct technical term for Portable SandBlaster is “Abrasive Blast Cleaning”.

You will find numerous methods how sandblasting may be used. Just telling you as an example that it can be used to chip off paint. It is done while brand new color is going to be put on the area. When the older paint layers are taken off the process of painting the area once again is started out.

Sandblasting can result in numerous different kinds and standard of area preparations. What sort of area planning is needed ought to be chosen ahead of the deal is fixed.

Applications Of Sandblasting:

Abrasive blasting serves a wide variety of purposes however discussing commonly they can be summoned under a couple of main use
· To remove anything from the surface that is clinging to it.
· Carve or etch designs into wood or glass or other similar soft materials.

Some examples are:

  1. Cleaning boat hulls
  2. Wooden signs by etching
  3. Glass etching to make beautiful designs

Things necessary to do a sandblast operations

In order to carry out sandblasting work some tools are must have. To obtain better results learned operators are also required. Abrasive blasting can not be done without following tools

· Higher Output Sandblast Systems ( Mobile )
· Orifice Venturi Nozzle ( Huge )
· Compressor ( Huge )
· Sandblast Hose together with External Couplings ( Large )
· Air Hose along with Coupling ( Large )
· Separators Of Humidity
· RCS (Remote Control System)
· Helmets ( Safety Air Fed)
· Sandblasting Abrasive (Good Quality)
· High Nozzle Air Pressure
· Trained and Skillful Operators

The tools discussed above are only required for sandblasting on a large scale. Sandblasting can result in four grades of surface preparations

Suggestions Concerning Sandblasting

To carry out anything professional you have to have good knowledge. While you are going with abrasive media blasting, It gets a lot more necessary as a worker working together with sandblasting machine is between risks. A worker need to make sure maximum care of the risks involved in this work. Whenever we go back in time no training whatsoever was being imparted to the workers of sandblasting. Any tom dick and harry would be called and asked to work with the device to sandblast, Some individuals totally failed while trying, some were able to learn it by hit and trial method and several became real experts and continued thereafter.

In this particular tutorial article I have discussed in lengths about doing it sandblasting works.

a. How you can Fill the sandblaster machine:

Whenever you finish filling the machine you are able to still hold 3 to 4 sacks of abrasive sand within the concave head. This 3 to 4 sacks of abrasive sand is brought in use when the sand inside the machine has been utilized.

b. Offering a variety of hose sizes allows the operator to reach the inaccessible areas easily. Obscured areas where normal nozzles cant blast may be taken care of by use of angled nozzles.

c. Instructions on operating the air valves of sand blast machine:

1 . Before you begin the machine ensure that bleed off valve continues to be closed.
2 . Following the step 1 air inlet valve is to be openned.
3. Choke valve would be to remain open at all times.
4. While shutting off the machine, without touching the sand control valve, close the inlet valve and open the bleed off valve simultaneously.

d. Using regular mixing valve to maintain proper flow of abrasives:

It really is all good sense. Close the mixing valve in beginning and then start opening it gradually to see the proper mixture stream is coming out of the nozzle. In case you don’t adjust the mixing valve properly the abrasive appearing out of nozzle will spit and feed without uniformity. Adjust the knob to avoid letting this happen. If you have no improvement in the situation even with opening the valve in numerous positions, this indicates presence of moisture in the machine.  In such cases a good self dumping moisture separator should be used.

e. Tutorial on coupling and attaching the hose to machine of sandblasting:

Entire hose to work alongside should efficiently be chosen. one ID of hose ratio 3 times ID of Nozzle. Cut the end of hose in square fashion when you are installing coupling into it. This will make it fit correctly into the nozzle holder.

f. Proper care of the nozzle:

Do not drop it or use it as hammer. Do not use wrenches to attach or remove nozzles from the holder. If you want to enhance the life of the jacket and liner, daily affect the washer behind the nozzle. The nozzle may be prevented from damage by slipping a fraction of nozzle within the jacket.

g. Helmet should be cared for:

The helmet also needs to be taken care of to regain it last longer as they are quite expensive. When the eye plate starts frosting over, it should be placed periodically. rate of blasting the area will slow down in the event the worker can’t see through a persons vision plate properly which why it is known that the eye plate of helmet must be changed after having a set timeframe. You must also keep the airfed helmets clean.

h. Hose arrangement:

Sharp bends in hose ought to be eliminated . Usually do not use excessive amount hose. Hoses should not be kept wet. It will help you efficiently do your job.

Easy to carry sandblaster equipment

abrasive blasting can be executed when you have to have an area completely cleaned by throwing granular stuff propelled by greatly pressurised air. Rough and tough granular substance is employed to handle sandblasting of which leaves the nozzle of the gun at a very high speed and hits the target area. This is the way we get rid of dirt and also excess stuff holding on the surface of the object.

“Abrasive Blast ” is the appropriate vocabulary utilized for sandblasting.

Abrasive blasting can be employed in numerous approaches. One example is paint chipping can be performed by sandblasters. We get it done in advance of applying brand new fresh paint on the surface. When the older paint layers are taken off The work of applying the paint again is initiated.

Surface area prep of many degrees can be obtained by sandblasting. The customer or contractor should clearly determine what degree of preparation is sought after.

Uses Of Sandblasting:
Sandblasting serves numerous types of reasons Nevertheless, they could normally be mustered below following 2 headings
· Eliminating of extra material hugging with a specific surface area.
· Wood, glass or many other identical material carving or etching or designing.
Following are a few example:
cleaning outer sides of boats
Wooden signboards
Etching Glass to make designs on them

Everything that all is needed to have a very prosperous sand blast function?
Sand blasting requires some specialized tools and equipments. It is also very necessary to have qualified workers. Following are the machines and equipments which are must for abrasive blasting surgery
· Large Output Sandblast ( Portable )
· Orifice Venturi Nozzle ( Large )
· Compressor ( Large )
· Sandblast Hose alongwith outer Couplings ( Large )
· Air Hose pipe and also Coupling ( Big )
· Separators Of Dampness
· Remote Control System (also called RCS)
· Helmets (Air Fed)
· Abrasive media (Good Quality)
· High air pressure nozzle
· Trained and Competent Workers
Most commonly huge scale sandblasting demands the aforementioned equipment. Four types of results can be obtained from sandblasting

Sand blasting is utilized in several ways. One example is paint chipping can be carried out by sandblasters. To apply new paint on a place this is done prior. Soon after taking the older layers of color entirely off The effort of reapplying the colour layer is performed.